Security Systems

We install high end security systems in homes and businesses and fully integrate them with other security systems such as CCTV, Perimeter Protection and Access Control. Motion detectors in all internal areas provide excellent reporting of movement inside the home. Glass detectors on all external windows and doors provides immediate alert before an intruder gains access to your home.
The ability to protect your home or business is priceless. At HSControl we provide superior alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring devices and cameras that can be viewed from any room or mobile device.

Integrating intruder alarms with CCTV ensures that when an alarm condition occurs cameras are already focused on the area ensuring easy monitoring and full recording.

In addition, with our advanced systems, you know when there’s a water leak, when the kids get home, see who is at the door from any room or interface, monitor your domestic or business staff, open or close doors, gates and entryways remotely. Enjoy more peace of mind when you add enhanced security solutions to your smart home system.

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