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We are one of the leading providers of automation and lighting design in South Florida. Our wide range of custom services ensures that your home operates seamlessly.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality automation technology and lighting design, installed and serviced by our team of experienced engineers.

Since 1991 we have remained at the forefront of automation systems, serving the most luxurious homes and like our technology, we are ever evolving.

Unlike our competitors, we develop all engineering and design plans in-house and do the installations by our highly specialized team–our process is seamless and controlled entirely by us. So you can rest assured we will stand behind our work and deliver a perfect solution each and every time.

The great majority of other integrators outsource much of the work, relying on third parties. This impacts you greatly as quality is compromised, delivery times are greatly increased, and revisions to plans become a nightmare situation.

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