Lighting Control

Lighting control & design is an essential part of every home or office and HS Control provides optimum lighting design and installation that exceeds your expectations. Our easy to use key pads and touch pads (or via iPhone or iPad devices) enable you to brighten or dim any light in a specific area or adjust to pre-set lighting levels throughout your entire home or business. Increase security by setting daily timers and routines while on vacation. Customize and automate your outdoor lighting to enhance your landscaping and set the mood during a celebration or special event. Additionally, they lower utility bills and increase your home or business value and security.

Our systems can offer any of the following:

  • One touch control of all lighting in the home or business
  • Lighting scenes in every room of the home
  • Automated curtain & blind controls at the the touch of a button
  • Security lighting systems simulate your usual activity when you are out
  • Easily adjustable lighting scenes which are easily recalled
  • Saving energy simply by having your lighting as you want

Our advanced lighting control systems give you all the above – precise control over every light in the home while saving energy.

Recalling a lighting scene is as easy as tapping one button on an elegant touchpad or mobile device – with each button labeled for an activity (for instance reading, entertaining or watching a film).

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